Lucifer and Satan as One Entity


“Within many ‘satanic traditions’ it is stated that Lucifer and Satan are two separate powers standing for wholly different principals, elements and concepts. According to many of these traditions the cardinal point associated with Satan is South (the element of fire), while Lucifer is assigned to the eastern point of the compass (the element of air).

In this short text we have as our aim to state our gnosis about this subject and explain why, according to our own tradition and current, the abovementioned ideas about Lucifer and Satan being two separate powers are wrong!

Within our Temple of the Black Light both Lucifer and Satan are used as forms, descriptions and representations of one and the same essence. Our understanding is that there is a difference between rendering the words ‘Lucifer’ and ‘Satan’ as just forms and descriptions, and believing that they are the ‘true names’ of that which they represent. This is because our tradition states that the ancient dark gods are all nameless and beyond causal comprehension, and that all forms given to them by humans are just that, forms, and not something that should be viewed as static in essence and meaning.

In order to focus our consciousness to, and link our unconscious minds with, the essence of these dark gods and establish contact with them, we need to penetrate the hidden heart of darkness and explore the concrete effect that these forces of Black Light have on our selves and the world at large. After we have identified, experienced, and on a deeper level intuitively understood the relevant effects that these acosmic powers have on the spiritual, mental, astral and physical planes of existence we can try to use words and symbols in order to better and more easily grasp their transcendent core. It is only at this stage that the Nameless Ones can be given names. For to name a spiritual force within an esoteric context is the same thing as trying to, with one (or many) words, describe and emphasize its most significant qualities, its inner essence and the sum of its power, as it is understood by the limited mind.

The greater the power or principal we try to grasp with the causal mind, the more words, names and symbols will be needed to describe it. In the same way that the different names/words of power act as links between our conscious mind and the powers they are meant to describe, the more abstract symbols (sonic and linear sigils) are used as tools/keys to open the gates of the unconscious mind to the more hidden and formless essence of these nightside emanations.

Lucifer and Satan are two words that for us describe different aspects of one and the same spiritual force. The word Lucifer means ‘Bearer of Light’ and describes the function and effect of the acosmic power that brings the gifts of forbidden wisdom, enlightenment, intellect, imagination and gnosis. Lucifer is within the esoteric context the secret, invisible and black fire (The First Sun/Son of the Black Light) that burns to ashes and dissolves all illusions, and awakens and strengthens the inner Black Flame and opens the all-seeing eye of the Self.

Lucifer is the antithesis of the demiurgic/archonic lie and is the power that according to the mythos granted man and woman the fruit of the Tree of Daath (the tree of knowledge) and gave them the opportunity to turn their backs on the tyrant god of the hylic cosmos and instead walk the path towards Self Divinity and freedom. Lucifer is within this context an anti-cosmic Prometheus that brings the Forbidden Fire of the gods (Black Light) to those who through their own pneumatic nature can comprehend it and for them illuminates the hidden path to acausality and the eternal power beyond the shackles of the finite and clay-born ego.

Lucifer is the ‘Firebringer’ who with the acosmic light of the Deus Absconditus arouses the flames of spirit and awakens the elect from the illusory slumber of life, death and rebirth and thus acts as the adversary of the suppressing natural order of the cosmos. The Firebringer is consequently he who separates the elect of the acosmic gods who have tasted the fruits of forbidden knowledge/gnosis from the spiritless masses and the force that makes the fire-born into the living gates to the Black Light.

Lucifer is therefore the antithesis and enemy of the limiting and stagnating structures of the cosmos and the eternal adversary of the powers that aim to limit the eternal and unbound becoming of the formless Azoth. Because of all the abovementioned thoughts about the nature of this acosmic power, which we have linked to the forms of Lucifer, it should be clear that this Bringer of Forbidden Light is the very same essence as the Accuser and the Adversary called Satan. For Lucifer must, in order to enlighten, act upon an existing darkness and in order to bring truth he must first dispel the lie. So the very nature and effect of a Lucifer makes him into a Satan of that which he must act as an antithesis of.

Satan means ‘adversary’, ‘opposer’ and ‘accuser’. Satan and Lucifer are therefore not two separate entities/gods/principals/powers, but one and the same essence of Spiritual Fire (Throne of South). The word Lucifer describes our father’s effect on those of us who walk on the left hand path and are in harmony with his dark gnosis, while Satan is the word that describes our father’s effect/reaction towards that which blots out the acosmic truth and those faithful and blinded slaves of the demiurge that walk on the right hand path of the White Light.

Because of this gnosis about the true nature of Lucifer-Satan the name/word Lucifer is often used during those rites that have as their aim to bring forth the blessings and the illumination of the Black Light, while the word/name Satan more often is uttered and called upon within more adversarial and destructive contexts. But both names represent the exact same essence, just seen from two different perspectives. Lucifer-Satan is the Outer Eternal Black Fire whose reflection within the microcosm burns within us in the form of the Black Flame of Spirit.

Lucifer and Satan are only two of the many words/names that are used within the Satanic/Luciferian tradition linked to the Firstborn of the Black Light. A few examples of other forms used within the pantheons of the dark traditions that represent the same illuminating and adversarial power we have linked with Lucifer-Satan are: Kingu, Apep, Set, Typhon, Ahriman, Angra Mainyu, Shaitan, Surt, Loke, Exu Maioral, Samael, Lotan, Diabolus, Prometheus and Azerate, which is a word linked to the fullness of the anti-cosmic power of the nightside.

Before any of the abovementioned words/names can be used in order to establish contact with the essence that our temple links to the forms of Lucifer-Satan, their hidden meanings must first be understood and internalized by the initiate. For our truth is that all the names mentioned in this text represent, on different levels, one and the same power of our God and role model, the Firstborn Sun/Son of the Black Light!

Salve Lucifer-Satan!”

Temple of the Black Light


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