Invocation to Naamah


Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra!

O mighty dark goddess, you who are the mistress of the black earth, I, NN, who seek the mysteries of the Nightside call upon you!

Demonic seductress, you whose lustful incantations made the most brilliant stars of heaven fall down to the earth, in order to awaken our spirits with their dark Luciferic light, I summon you!

Naamah, you who are the Pleasant One, who garbed in the scarlet dress of the blood rides the seven-headed serpent of fire, hear my call and open wide both the inner and the outer dark gates to your kingdom within and beyond!

O sinful Nahema, you who are the empress of the kliffotic shadow of this world of manifestations, let the hidden path to Nahemoth be revealed to me, and through the nightmarish terrors that your mere presence brings forth grant me the dark illumination of Sitra Ahra!

Beautiful and deadly Goddess Naamah, allow me to enter your blazing darkness and reveal to me the forbidden truth that is kept hidden behind the thin and illusory veils of causal existence!

Grant me in visions the sight of your bloodstained webs of death, with whose black threads you rule the kings and the mighty men of this world like your dancing marionettes, and bestow upon me the wisdom and the power to weave my own self-made web of destiny!

Demonic goddess of harlotry, you who grants all who are prepared to pay the bloody price you demand, entrance to your innermost hidden secrets, let me, who are ready to sacrifice everything on the altar of forbidden knowledge, bask in your radiant darkness!

Mighty Nahema, let your nocturnal sighs awaken the coiling fire within the salt sea of my blood and ride forth on the seven-headed Hydra that slumbers within the depths of my soul! Let the chthonic Chaos of Nahemoth rise up from the abyss and with the full wrath of the Nightside mercilessly rape the false virginity of the frigid Malkuth!

Fearful goddess, you who are the visible face of Ama Lilith, let the essence of my true self receive force and strength from your black fires and open the ever hungry grave that is your womb, and receive all the weaknesses of my false ego that I sacrifice and slay for your greater glory and honour!

Let me be purified through the death to all weaknesses that you bring and through your blessings grant me the power to transcend all imposed laws and limitations of this sephirotic realm!

Naamah, Goddess of the darkness and of all the terrors of Nahemoth, in the name of Lord Satan and Ama Lilith, hear now the invocations of your faithful child and allow me to open the gate and tread the burning path to your dark and glorious kingdom in Sitra Ahra!

Naamah Nahemoth Nahema, Liftoach Shaari ha-Sitra Ahra!

Temple of the Black Light


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